Patrick and Brenda TorresHi! We are Patrick and Brenda Torres, the two people behind this website. We used to have a small company dealing with appliance repair. Five years ago, we sold our business. Although this step gave us the freedom we had dreamt about, it also made an important part of our lives vanish. So, we decided to create this website and share our knowledge and experience regarding dishwasher repair.

For us, appliance repair was more than just business. To begin with, we met at a training seminar offered by Robert Bosch GmbH! Back then, both of us were in our twenties and worked as appliance repair techs for two different companies based in New York City. Two years later, we got married. Around the same time, we started a business of our own.

We had not a single argument regarding what type of company we would start. For both of us, the choice was obvious. We decided to go on working in the same industry, just go a little further in terms of our independence.

Our company had its ups and downs. The earliest years were the hardest, as it is the case with many businesses. However, our client base was growing, as was the number of people who worked for our company. Our first son, Carl, was born the same month we opened the second office. This was one of the happiest and also the most challenging periods in our lives.

Two years later, our second son, Henry, was born. In four years, we opened two more offices. While the work was rewarding, in the course of time, both of us started to feel it is growing too demanding for us. Our kids grew up, and it became obvious they are interested in pursuing other careers. Carl studies at a law school, while Henry is going to enter a liberal arts college.

Eventually, in late 2016, we took the decision to sell our business. By then, it included five offices in four boroughs of New York. It took us some time to find the right person – we did not want to sell our company to just anyone.

We finalized the deal in the spring of 2017 and started working on this website. It is not just the information you can easily find in a user’s manual or on the official website of appliance manufacturers. We have included the tips and tricks that we have learned during our 20-year experience in the appliance repair industry.