How to Install a Samsung Dishwasher? A Fool-Proof Guide

After buying a dishwasher, some people decide not to spend extra money and try to install it on their own. Where does the installation start from? First, make sure that water pipes are equipped with additional drainage line.

How to install a samsung dishwasher

If you see none – call the plumbers to install it. It is impossible to connect the system to the water pipe itself. If there is a drainage line, then installation can be done independently. Shut the water supply. Then take the flexible hose which comes with any new dishwasher and use it to connect the machine to the water disposal system. It is pretty simple. After that, connect the drain hose to the dishwasher siphon. Secure the free end of the hose slightly higher than where the sewer outlet is. It will be better if the difference in height will be about 50-60 centimeters.

Then simply connect the dishwasher to the power supply and you can assume that the installation is complete.

Connecting to the power supply How to connect the dishwasher to the power supply with their own hands
Pick the right wire You will need three-core 2 mm copper wire. This wire has  a margin: if there is high load on an electrical grid, the dishwasher will not suffer and will not fail.
Install a safety switch It works at overloads and voltage drops. Look for 16A option. It will turn off the dishwasher automatically when power reaches 3.6 kW level.
Important: it is necessary to install such automatic device by connecting it to the existing protective devices  intended for other household appliances.
Grounding Grounding is a guarantee of safety. What you need to know:
– In old houses, grounding is provided not by using special lines, but by bringing neutral to an electric switchboard.
– You should not plug the dishwasher into outlets designed for electric stoves to avoid too much load.
– Never use pipes for grounding. Pipes designed to supply the house with gas, water and heat are good conductors. Using them for grounding them can make the dishwasher ignite and burn.