How to Install an LG Dishwasher by Yourself?

Dishwasher installation consists of only 3 stages: connection of the drain, cold water and electricity. Taking care of each of these communications is nothing complicated and even a novice can handle that.

How to install an LG dishwasher

Connecting electricity

You must use a separate euro socket to connect a dishwasher.

Here are the main features on how to install an lg dishwasher and connect it to the power supply:

  • the height of the outlet should not be more than 25-30 cm above the floor level;
  • it is necessary to install a 16A circuit breaker that can shut off power supply when 3.6 kW power limit is exceeded;
  • 3 core copper cable 2 sq mm wire must be used for connection;
  • it is necessary to ensure grounding and it is strictly forbidden to ground the appliance to the heating pipes, water or gas supply pipes.

Connect the dishwasher to the sink

Connect the dishwasher to the sink

To connect the dishwasher to the sink, just put the hose on the fitting. It is important to observe 2 conditions.

The first one is a bend at the top of the fitting. It does not let the drain water from the sink get into the dishwasher.

The second one is the trap. It is designed to form a water seal that prevents the spread of unpleasant sewage odors. It is recommended to place it at the lowest point possible with a short trap.

Never connect the drain hose directly to the sink. It can shift under pressure and dirty water will start to spill on the floor. The second negative point is the increased wear of the drain pump. Pumping water to a greater height will require it to operate in constant overload mode. This will lead to its quick breakage.

Connecting water

Installation of a dishwasher implies connecting cold water. In order to save money, some users connect their dishwashers to a hot water pipe which negatively affects the operation of the appliance. The quality of such water is much worse as it is more contaminated with mechanical inclusions.

Installation involves the following algorithm:

  • shut off the water supply in the house;
  • dismantle the pipe supplying water to the tap;
  • install a tee which you will use to connect your tap on one side and a filter, ball valve, and dishwasher water supply pipe – to the other.