How to Replace Drain Hose on a Samsung Dishwasher: Expert Advice

Here is an explanation of how to replace the drain hose between the drain line and the drain pump, which forces waste water to the sewage. All damaged hoses must be replaced with ones that are recommended by the manufacturer.

How to replace drain hose on samsung dishwasher

Step 1: Disconnect the dishwasher from the mains and shut off water supply

Disconnect electrical power to the dishwasher by flipping off the circuit breaker or removing the fuse from the fuse box. Check the display to ensure that the power is completely off.

Turn off the water supply tap under the sink or in the basement to ensure that water won’t gush out during repair.

Step 2: Take off the bottom access panel and the toe panel

Undo the front access panel’s screws using a ¼” nut driver and remove the panels.

Step 3: Get the dishwasher out of the cabinet

Check the junction box, which is located behind the bottom access panel. Take off the box’s cover and disconnect the wire harness.

Unscrew the brackets, which hold the dishwasher in the cabinet by undoing the two mounting screws.

Get the machine out of the cabinet. Make sure the drain and water supply hoses have some length allowing you to pull the machine out far enough for convenient and safe checking.

Step 4: Pull the drain hose off from the drain pump

Each to the place where the drain hose is connected to the drain pump (at the bottom) and unclamp the drain hose. If the clamp is tight, use pliers.

Pull the hose off from the pump.

Step 5: Release the drain hose from the water inlet assembly

Reach inside the tub with channel lock pliers and  remove the plastic nut that fixes the assembly.

The water inlet assembly attaches the drain hose to the outer left-hand panel of the tub. To release the drain hose, take off the water inlet assembly.

Step 6: Separate the drain hose from the drain line under the sink

Disconnect the drain hose from the drain line. Now the hose is completely removed.

The wire spring clamp, which holds the hose to the drain pump outlet pipe, has tabs. Press on the tabs to loosen the spring. The drain hose will come off easily.

Discard the faulty drain hose.

Step 7: Connect the new drain hose

Gently pull the new drain hose onto the drain pump outlet pipe and fix the wire spring clamp. This will rule out the possibility of leaks.

Run the hose through the water inlet assembly exactly as the old hose was run through it.

Connect the new hose to the piece that is connected to the sink drain. Be sure the connection is tight enough to prevent leaks.

Step 8: Put back the water inlet bracket

Place the inlet bracket in the tub’s side in such a way as to be able to fix the plastic nut onto it from inside.

Screw the nut onto the inlet from inside, hand-tighten it and make another ¼ turn for better sealing.

Step 9: Put the dishwasher back in the cabinet

Push the machine into the cabinet very carefully. Reconnect the junction box and put the cover back on. Put back the toe and bottom front access panels.

Secure the dishwasher with screws, which are inserted into the mountain brackets. Tighten the screws and be sure that the dishwasher is set securely in the cabinet.

Reposition the toe panel and then the access panel. Fix the machine with mounting screws and be sure they are tightened properly.