How to Replace the Heating Element on an LG Dishwasher

The heating element belongs to the category of disposable non-repairable parts.

Therefore, if your LG dishwasher does not heat water, even despite the fact that you have already set the temperature to maximum level, you will need to know how to replace heating element in LG dishwasher.

How to replace heating element in LG dishwasher

How to reach the heating element

  1. Remove the lower front panel;
  2. Remove the hose;
  3. Remove the panel protecting the unit with electric wires;
  4. Take a picture of the wiring and remove the wires;
  5. Unscrew the fixing nut;
  6. Remove the clamp and pull out the tube;
  7. Remove the upper screws;
  8. Remove the bottom screws;
  9. Loosen the legs – it will be easier for you to pull out the dishwasher;
  10. Pull out the dishwasher as it is the only way to remove the heater in LG dishwashers;
  11. Pull out the racks;
  12. Put protective braces on the door;
  13. Turn the machine upside down;
  14. Remove the bottom panel;
  15. Take a picture of the wiring and remove the terminals from the heater;
  16. Disconnect the wires leading to the heating element.
  17. Finally, we’ve reached the heater. Now you just need to replace it. How? It’s very simple!
  18. Take out the heater, helping yourself with a screwdriver and trying not to damage the wires;
  19. Lubricate the seal with a detergent for better insulation;
  20. Install the new heater trying to accurately insert it into the mounting brackets.

Assemble the dishwasher in the reverse order.

Now run the dishwasher in test mode. If there are no leaks and the water is heated as it should, it means that you have replaced the heating element correctly.