How to Replace an LG Dishwasher Door Seal: Quick Guide

Replacing the dishwasher door seal may be a good idea if the door starts to leak.

How to replace LG dishwasher door seal

Professionals recommend to change the whole seal kit. It does not make sense to change only the lower or only the upper seal. It is best to start with the upper one. Follow these steps:

  • fully open the door of the LG or any other dishwasher;
  • use your fingers to grab the seal located on the edges of the tub and pull it out;
  • unpack the new seal kit and gradually glue it instead of the old one.

You need to try to make the seal “sit” well and stick to the bottom of the channel with its self-adhesive surface. Once you see that the upper seal firmly sits on its place, you can proceed to replace the lower one.

  • Fully open the door of your LG dishwasher.
  • Take a screwdriver and remove the screws that hold the front panel of the door.
  • Close the dishwasher door and then take the front panel off the clips and put it aside.
  • Again, open the door and use a pair of tweezers to grab the edge of the lower seal at the base of the appliance.
  • Carefully pull out the old seal and set it aside.
  • Take the new one.
  • Place it instead of the old seal firmly enough to make it “sit” along its entire length. The seal should not protrude beyond the edges of the tub.

Now you need to close the door of youre LG or any other dishwasher. Pay attention to the bottom of the door. The bottom seal should lie evenly in the channel and protrude for approximately 2-3 mm. Next, we need to put the front panel on the clamps, fasten the screws and try to run the dishwasher.

Summing the whole thing up, we should note for a novice, that installation of the seals on the dishwasher takes about 30 minutes. The main thing you should keep in mind is to be careful, not to rush and do everything correctly.