Tips to Tackle a Control Board Problem on an LG Dishwasher

Almost all household appliances may break over time and dishwashers are no exception. The most fragile and at the same time important detail in it is the control board.

LG dishwasher control board problem

The following signals may indicate lg dishwasher control board problem:

  1. You switch on the dishwasher, select the operating mode, and see the indicators light up, but no water intake occurs.
  2. Circulating pump does not work.
  3. Water does not heat up.
  4. The drain pump does not turn on.
  5. Drying mode does not work.
  6. Failure of absolutely all operating modes.
  7. Water overflows due to temperature sensor synchronization issues.

Each model has its own error and control codes specified in user’s manual. Sometimes a software glitch might occur after installation and the owner needs to configure the control panel. There are also situations when owners replace the control board, although the problem was associated with cable connections.

Causes of control board failures

There are many reasons why a control board can break, but the main ones are:

  1. Moisture could get on the board while working in high humidity conditions.
  2. Sharp voltage drops.
  3. Manufacturing defect when either the entire board or one of the elements has been damaged.
  4. The cause may also be associated with frequent disconnections from the power supply during operation.