Expert Advice on Door Repair on an LG Dishwasher

Door breakage is a true scourge of most modern LG dishwashers.

LG dishwasher door repair

The door falls down

The most common issue is associated with LG dishwasher simply door falling down after opening. Once we open the door, it immediately falls down to the fully open position under the influence of gravity.

How to identify the problem?

  1. Disconnect the dishwasher from all communications and pull it out of its cabinet. Do not remove the cover of the door.
  2. Remove the side walls
  3. There is a groove on the sides which a spring, cable and plastic adapters.
  4. In most cases the problem is associated with either broken cable or, most likely, broken plastic adapter which disconnects the cable from the spring. This leads to the breakdown of the locking mechanism.

The door does not close or latch

Locks used on LG dishwashers are quite reliable and rarely break, but quite often they get locked shut. All it takes is to press the door a bit too tightly and here it is – the problem with the door immediately reveals itself. The locking device stops functioning. After that, you can slam the door as much as you like but it will not stay latched. You will need to make LG dishwasher door repair.

Take a screwdriver, open the dishwasher door and look at the upper part of the tub. Find a small metal latch. Press this latch with the tip of a screwdriver – it should make a clicking sound and hide into the bowels of the locking mechanism. Now try to close the door.

The door squeaks and it takes too much effort to open it

If the door of the LG dishwasher squeaks and if you have a hard time opening it, you need to lubricate the hinges first. Take WD-40 and spray it on each hinge through its red straw tube. Move the door a few times to let the lubricant disperse along the mechanism. Leave the dishwasher alone for 10 minutes and then try to open and close the door again. If the problem persists, you will have to check the integrity of the hinge mechanism.

Remove the side walls and inspect the hinges. In some cases, they may be slightly deformed by some impact during transportation, or there might be a foreign object stuck. Bend the deformed elements with a flat screwdriver and pliers – the hinges should start functioning well.