Get Rid of Drying Problems on an LG Dishwasher

LG dishwashers allow you to load large-sized pans and pots. They feature a tall tub with two racks. Also, these dishwashers feature a so-called hybrid drying system, which does not use a heating element, yet dries dishes very well. This makes these dishwashers more energy efficient. However, the drying system requires better rinsing. If the dishes have not been rinsed properly, a rinse aid lamp will come on.

LG dishwasher drying problems

Step 1

The rinse aid lamp is marked respectively on the display panel. It is located almost in the middle of the panel.

Step 2

The machine won’t dry the dishes properly if the rinse aid is not activated. Make sure the light is burning. Turn the round cap counterclockwise. Tune the fill level to maximum.

Step 3

Replace the rinse aid cap. To tighten it, turn it clockwise.

Step 4

Be sure that the rinse aid function is adjusted as specified in the instruction manual (Level 3). Read the settings under the cap. If it is set lower than it should be, the machine won’t dry the dishes properly.

Step 5

If there is water in the tub, check the drain hose for kinks and/or clogs. If the water is not draining well, clean the air gap on the sink. If your dishwasher uses a waste disposal unit, run it.

Step 6

Make sure that the cycle has not been interrupted, and it is finished properly.