Ger Rid of Error Code AE on an LG Dishwasher in 15 Minutes

This fault code signals a leak. It is detected by a sensor located in the bottom base pan, and it is activated when there is water in the pan. First, you should free the bottom from water. Use a vac or towels to drain the water from the base. Run a cycle with the bottom panel remove and try to locate a leak.

LG dishwasher error code ae

Most commonly, leaks occur due to damage to the hose, which runs near the motor, or problems in the motor itself. In any event, you will need to pull out the unit and take steps to dry the pan. They you’ll need to run it and watch the inside to see where exactly the leak has occurred.

After you dry the base, the code will disappear, and the dishwasher will work well until the sensor detects the next portion of water in the base. However, faulty flood sensors may signal leaks when there is no leak at all. In this case, it is advisable to check the wiring, connections and the sensor itself. Faulty sensors should be replaced.

Also, AE and E1 error codes may indicate leaks resulting from suds accumulating in the tub and leaking into the base.

Choose the right type of detergent

Choose the right type of detergent

Not infrequently, problems arise due to the use of poor quality detergents or failure to dose on properly.

If too much of it is used, suds and water drip into the base. A float switch, which is located in the base, will detect water and  signal the main control board to display AE/E1.

Turn off the machine itself and the circuit breaker, then remove the kick panel. Check the base for water. If there is water, use a towel or other tools to drain water from the base.

Use the right amount of detergent

There are two possible levels for dishwasher detergent. If you fill the dispenser to capacity, it will produce excess suds, and the flood detector (float switch) in the base will signal the system to display the AE/E1 error. Here are the levels:

  • 15 Line: soft water mode for mildly soiled dishes.
  • 25 Line: hard water mode intended for heavily soiled dishes.
  • 15 to 25: intended for moderately soiled dishes.