Can You Fix the IE Error on an LG Dishwasher on Your Own?

The IE fault code signals that the dishwasher is not filling fast enough: the water has failed to reach the level it normally reaches within 10 minutes.

LG dishwasher ie error

Please, do the following steps:

  • If installed recently

Be sure that the inlet water valve is ON, and the inlet hose is not twisted, kinked or damaged.

  • Check the water pressure

Make sure that water pressure is 20 – 120 PSI. The fault code may appear because of low water pressure in the household water supply system.

  • Check the drain hose

Be sure that the drain hose outlet is placed fairly above the dishwasher base. If it is not, it may be draining faster than it should be.

It should be positioned 10 to 12 inches above the base. If it is not, it may syphon too much water from the tub. Check the height against the one specified in the instruction manual. If necessary, reinstall the hose.

  • Low temperature

Make sure that your dishwasher is installed in a place where temperature does not drop below the freezing point. If it does, the error may be due to some parts freezing. Disconnect the washer, move it to a warmer place and wrap the frozen parts in a towel soaked in warm water and wait. Once the parts have thawed, the dishwasher will become operational.

  • Level it properly

Make sure that your dishwasher is positioned and leveled properly.

  • Check the flood safe hose and check valve

If the inlet valve experiences high water pressure, the flood safe hose and check valve may stop water supply. Please, use a standard inlet hose.

Check the inlet hose for blocks, clogs, damage and kinks, which may impede the filling process.