Get Rid of the Odor Problem on Your Samsung Dishwasher

For the most part, the unpleasant smell from a dishwasher is a consequence of poor maintenance and improper handling of the appliance. Sometimes it can be the result of some kind of breakdown.

Samsung dishwasher odor problem

The main reason why you face that very unpleasant Samsung dishwasher odor problem is because you have some food leftovers that got stuck in the dishwasher. They may hide:

  • under the door;
  • in the mesh filter;
  • in the drain hose;
  • on the spray arms.

How to remove the smell coming from the dishwasher

Having found out the source of the “aromas” in the dishwasher, you need to have clear understanding of how to get rid of it. First of all, it is very important to list the actions that you never want do to remove the unpleasant odors. These include:

  • products that contain chlorine;
  • washing powder;
  • various cleaning means that include abrasive particles.

These means should not be used since they will not eliminate the smell, but may damage metal parts which can later become covered with corrosion.

Removing unpleasant odor requires physical cleaning. First of all, you need to thoroughly wash the mesh filter is located at the very bottom of the tub. After that it is worth to inspect spray arms and wash them thoroughly as well, especially the areas where food debris may hide.

Make sure you wash the walls and the bottom of the washing chamber as there may be serious fat deposits. For degreasing, wipe the inside of the tub with a damp cloth and detergent. Do not forget to wash out the sealing along the door.

Vinegar and soda are excellent assistants in fighting the unpleasant odors. Put cup of white vinegar in an empty tub and set a long washing cycle with a high temperature. Vinegar perfectly removes various odors, but removing the smell of vinegar will require you to use soda. Simply put half a cup of soda into the dishwasher tub and start a short washing cycle. If you feel a slight unpleasant smell, you can use only soda.

If you are wary of these homemade recipes, you can buy special cleaners to get rid of scale and grease. Following the instructions, you will finally be able to get rid of the bad smell in the dishwasher. Remember that after using chemicals, the dishwasher should be thoroughly washed a couple of times, wiped dry and aerated well.

If the smell is still there, pay attention to cleaning the drain hose. Of course, you will need to pull the dishwasher from the cabinet in order to wash the disconnected hose under running water and reconnect it to the appliance again. We also recommend inspecting the sink and siphoning and, if necessary, washing them as well.